The following is a brief explanation of the services which we provide.


Yacht surveyor at work
Below is a guide to the items covered in the Survey suitable for either a Pre-purchase Survey or an Insurance Condition Survey. Check with your insurance company as to the detail required, in some cases an up-date survey of particular aspects is all that is required.

Items covered:
(subject to variation from boat to boat, survey to survey) Call to discuss specific vessels and requirements.

Hull & Deck structure: General Visual Inspection.
Osmosis inspection & moisture meter readings. (GRP)
Hammer and spike testing. (Timber)
External & internal structure.
Bulkheads, framing & reinforcement.
Attachments for chainplates, keel, main deck hardware.
Openings, ports, windows.
Skin fittings & sea cocks.

Plus the following for a Full Condition Survey:
Steering gear.
Stern gear.
Ground tackle.
Stanchions, hand rails, jackstays.
Masts spars & rigging. (from deck level only).
Sails. (Generally not hoisted or fully laid out).
Gas installations. (visual inspection not pressure tested).
Fuel installations. (Tanks not opened / pressure tested).
Fire fighting equipment.
Water installations. (Tanks not opened / pressure tested).
Toilet installations.
Bilge pumping.

General external inspection of installation, bearers, hoses, fuel system, stern gear. (Not necessarily run up).

General external inspection of installation, switch boards, batteries & electrical items, operated but not tested.

Hull External Inspection & Osmosis Check:
Osmosis inspection & moisture meter readings. (GRP)
Visual inspection, removal of sample areas of anti-fouling, moisture meter checks with Sovereign and / or Tramex. Inspection/Assessment of blistering.

Insurance Condition Inspection:
You are already the owner of the boat. Survey to obtain / continue insurance cover. Same scope as pre-purchase survey but less detail on more minor / cosmetic items.

Damage Inspections::

Miscellaneous Inspections::

Supervision of repair works, new build and refits